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My Haiga Journey by Mallika Chari

The author and artist of this lovely portfolio ]alks about her haiku and painting:

I am inspired by paintings and give words for them. Sometimes, it is the poem that allures me to paint.

My relationship with haiku started when a haiku poet asked me to draw sketches for his haiku. Thus, I began as a haiga artist, and this genre of small poem which carries deep meaing has been attracting me from then onwards. In june 2017, I submitted my first haiga (both haiku and sketch by me) to Daily Haiga, and have been published in Daily Haiga regularly. My haiku and haiga have appeared in Haigaonline’s “Borrowed Water” issue (2017), “Spring Grove” and Viewing Stones” (2018), and the current “Life Cycle” (2019) issues.

My first haiku was published by Wild Plum in the Spring & Summer 2017 issue, then again in the Fall &Winter issue. In 2017, my haiku was selected in Chrysanthemum, and two more haiku have been selected for the current issue.Most recently, another haiku has been accepted in Under the Basho (2019). I have also been contributing to poetry anthologies. My book ”Lively Words” contains poems and paintings that are painted for the poems by me.

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Editor's note: Because of Mallika's choice of framing, we have displayed her haiga as full-page jpegs rather than our customary slideshows. Click directly to the haiga from the thumbnails. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.