A couple of months ago, Alexis began sending me a dazzling series of haiga done on her iPad. Not having yet bought an iPad myself, I was stunned at the creativity and variety of her haiga and asked if we might have some as a Haigaonline exclusive.


Her response was this exquisite series of haiga based on prints from kimono patterns. Most have been altered and filtered in various iPad apps.

The test of a good haiga image, however, is in the poetry that arises from it. In 2007, Alexis was the grand prizewinner of the Kusamakura Haiku Competition and traveled to Japan for the awards ceremony. The experience has often figured in her art and writing since then, especially so in the aftermath of the recent tragedies. "The Japanese people," she writes, "are always in the back of my mind and in a way, by doing these kimono haiga, I am honoring their culture."

Look for more of Alexis' iPad haiga in our June issue' in the meantime, you might also like to subscribe to her ever-growing collection on Twitter.

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Many thanks to everyone who has sent us poems and haiga for our June Haiku this Haiga and Flower Challenge features. We're already excited about the forthcoming Summer issue.

Meanwhile, why not come back for another visit to our current issue? If you entered through the gallery door and need the full link, here it is:

Haigaonline 11-2, December 2010.

Linda Papanicolaou