For readers who may not know, a "ginkō" (or "ginkoo", "ginko" even "ginkgo"—in the haiku literature it's spelled several ways) is a haiku walk, literally, a walk to write haiku. Think of our latest gallery as a haiga ginkō.

In its traditional meaning, haiga is an art of poem and ink brush painting. The modern artist-poet has many more ways to create haiga: scanned art work (drawings, paintings in other media such as acrylic or watercolor, collage, mixed media), digital art created completely from scratch with software such as Adobe Illustrator, photo-based art work where manipulation of the image goes well beyond simply enhancing the photograph, and animation (gifs, Flash).

Our new gallery has a treat for you: The five exhibiting artists are established poets who variously use photo collage, photo-based digital abstracts, images built with the drawing tools in Microsoft Word (how many of us have used it for haiga?), and scanned mixed media collage.

In the spirit of ginkō, we hope you'll enjoy yourself, and perhaps be inspired to try something different yourself!

Digital abstractions by Billie Dee

Photo collage by Emile Molhuysen

 MS Word haiga by Emily Romano and Jan Turner
Collage, assemblage and altered books by Alexis Rotella

Linda Papanicolaou

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