The Netherlands

Our long time readers know Emile well for the elegant visual wit he always brings to his photo haiga. We welcome him back with these two delightful haiga about origami.

Using a sculpture (yes, origami is paper sculpture) or some other 3-D object as visual content creates an interesting problem for the haiga artist: the obvious approach is to simply take a photograph, but how then do you treat it so that the image becomes art in its own right rather than merely a picture of the art work that inspired you?

Emile is an old hand at incorporating sculpture in his art. In issue 6/2 (2005), our Experimental Haiga section was devoted to a series of his haiga with images of netsuke, a rice strainer and even a pair of suspenders. Here, he uses photo collage and layering to create a setting for the origami animal.

You'll find more haiga of Emile's in the June 2008 issue of Sketchbook, and Emile's own site at MySpace, where he's uploaded some of those "scanning magic" haiga from our 2005 issue.