California US

A former Poet Laureate of the National Library Service, Billie Dee earned her doctorate at the University of California at Irvine, with post-graduate studies at UCLA. As a poet, she writes in many forms and is widely published. Recently she has turned to digital haiga and has developed this unique style of deeply saturated colors layered on black. Beginning sometimes with a scanned pen or painted image, sometimes with a photo, she builds them in layers, using filters, the eraser, rebalancing color. . . She uses a variety of techniques—just experimenting, as she says—until she's happy with the results. The final images are both geometric and organic, other-worldly, even dream-like, yet they juxtapose neatly and distinctly to her haiku.

An active member of the AHApoetry forums, Billie participates in the World Haiku Association's monthly haiga contests. More haiga, photo haiku and poetry may be found on her haiku blog, "Kiku Makura",